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Behind The Lens

 Photography has been my passion for years, my interest started when my parents got me a camera for Christmas when I was in High School.  I was hooked, taking my camera everywhere and photographing all of the places we would travel to visit family.  Being the only one with a camera made me proud to be the one capturing our family memories. I loved exploring what my camera could do especially outdoors, snapping shots of lightning was always my goal when the stormy weather would make it challenging for me to take pictures outdoors. That’s what made me ambitious and patient. (I did finally get my lightning shots and even got a few rainbows)

  I continued my photography education in 2002 through trade school, seminars, workshops and became a member of the Professional Photographers of America.  I later met my mentor whom I worked for at Art Vision Photography, a wedding photography business, both as his assistant first and then later became his second photographer.  Starting my own business in Central Texas was a good start with so many beautiful locations. It has given me an opportunity to train my eye so that here in West Texas I can find that perfect spot for those perfect shots!

  I love photographing weddings, special occasions and spending time with families at their best when there is a lot of love, emotions and special people gathered together. Capturing their memories makes me feel like I become a part of their world and their family.  

My goal is to make sure you are comfortable while reminding you that your time in front of the camera is all about you and leave the rest up to me! 


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Midland, TX 79707

Tel: 432-302-1929 


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"Capturing more than just the Sunshine."

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